New Escort Redline EX - Long Range Detection and 100% Undetectable

New Escort Redline EX Radar Laser Detector

  • Using smartphone or tablet? See Redline EX Mobile Friendly Site

  • Redline EX features the longest range radar detection and fastest response on the market using the improved M3+ dual antenna.
  • Total Shield - 100% stealth and undetectable to police radar detector detectors (Spectre Elite RDD)

  • Ka and K band Segmentation - finetuning K and Ka bands allow faster response and reduces false alerts

  • European bands such as MultaRadar (MRCD) are included for Edmonton Alberta

  • TSR (traffic signal rejection) with IVT Filter make a quiet ride possible.

  • Escort Live Ready with built-in Bluetooth

  • Multi-Colour OLED display allows user to choose display colour preference

  • Includes the Redline EX detector, Coiled Combo SmartCord with USB port, EZ Mag Mount, and Quick Reference Card

Escort Redline (International)

  • Using smartphone or tablet? See Escort Redline MRCD Mobile Friendly Site

  • Escort Redline International - known as Redline INTL, Redline MRCD, or Redline Pro-A, this international version of Escort Redline radar detector features the same long range performance fast response on all radar bands as the NA version.
  • MultaRadar Detection - MultaRadar, known as MRCD photo radar, is wide-spread in Alberta and Quebec (and soon Ontario). Redline International supports 4 different MultaRadar units.
  • Total Shield - the antenna are designed with zero leakage so it remains 100% stealth and undetectable to police radar detector detectors (Spectre RDD)
  • KaSW Segmentation - latest firmware allows finetuning Ka band frequency segments so scan-time is reduced to achieve much faster detection response
  • KSW Segmentation allows 3x selectable K-band frequency segments to reduce false alarms
  • Clear voice radar band identification and bright invertible display in signal bar-graph mode and tech mode.
  • NOT Compatible with Escort Live
  • Includes the Redline detector, Coiled Combo SmartCord, Standard Windshield Mount, and Quick Reference Card

Redline EX: $849 (CAD)

  • FREE via Purolator or Canada Post
Availability: Now IN STOCK!
Redline INTL: Discontinued

  • FREE via Purolator or Canada Post
Availability: SOLD OUT

Escort Redline - Technical Specifications

  • Bands - X-band (10.525 GHz), K-band (24.150 GHz), Ka-band (34.700 GHz), Laser (904nm)
  • Display Features - Bar Graph, CruiseAlert, ExpertMeter, SpecDisplay, Directional Arrows, with auto brightness control
  • Power requirement - 12VDC and negative ground. Works with Coiled SmartCord, Straight SmartCord, Direct Wire Cord, and Direct Wire SmartCord
  • KaSW and RDR (NA and INTL) - 10 selectable Ka segments and RDR
  • KSW (INTL) - 3 selectable K-band segments
  • TSR (NA) - K-band traffic signal rejection
  • Sensitivity Settings (NA) - Highway, Auto, Auto No X
  • Sensitivity Settings (INTL) - Highway, Auto, AutoLoK, Auto No M
  • MultaRadar Settings (INTL) - MTRCD, MTRCT, Strelka, Gatso

User Manual

Spare and Optional Accessories for Escort Redline

Direct Wire Cord

Direct Wire SmartCord

Combo SmartCord
(1x Included)

Straight SmartCord

Visor Clip

Visor Holder

StickyCup Mount