Redline 360c with Apple Carplay Drivesmarter app

Drive Smarter® App

Drive Smarter® is the all-in-one platform that connects you to a community of drivers, empowering you with shared alerts and advanced safety and security features, all seamlessly integrated through your Escort Radar device.

Redline 360c Drivesmarter app on apple carplay and Android auto

Works with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™

Drive Smarter® takes your driving experience to new heights by seamlessly integrating with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, presenting you with a clear view of your route and upcoming speed traps, red-light and speed camera locations, and other potential hazards, all conveniently displayed on your compatible vehicle's infotainment screen.

Drivesmarter smartphone app cloud video management screen

Store & View Videos in the Cloud

Easily view and share your dash cam videos, whether it’s from a scenic road trip or from accident footage that you need to share with your insurance provider. Drive Smarter® automatically stores your video footage safely and securely in the cloud so you can access whenever you need it.

Escort Drivesmarter app device settings image

Device Settings

Now you can manage your vehicles and Escort device settings and features, all from one unified app. From setting up your profile to customizing app alerts and device settings, you can easily control your Escort detectors and dash cams from within Drive Smarter®.  

Escort Drivesmarter app Canada mayday alert

Mayday Alert

Driver Smarter®’s emergency Mayday Alert allows you to set up an emergency contact that will be notified via text message and/or email in the event of a severe impact detected by a compatible device. Get the peace of mind you need for loved ones while they’re out on the road.  

Escort Drivesmarter app incident report image

Incident Reports

The process for handling repairs and insurance claims after an accident is rarely easy or pleasant. Streamline the claims process with our Incident Reports feature, which compiles relevant information taken from the dash cam video footage in a summarized format for you to send out. 

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Escort Drivesmarter app drive smarter community section

Driver Smarter®

Get the perfect blend of hardware, software, and community with your compatible Escort devices and the Drive Smarter app. Download and join the Drive Smarter® community today!