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Next-Level Protection

Laser Shifters

Our advanced laser shifters are discreet, simple to install, and offer the ultimate protection against all variable pulse rate speed guns—helping you drive safer and more aware.

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ESCORT ZR5 Laser Shifter

Laser Protection Like No Other


The ESCORT ZR5 is the most advanced defense against all laser guns—including variable pulse rate guns. And even better, the ZR5 laser shifter can be used independently or in tandem with select ESCORT radar detectors* for ultimate driving protection.

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Escort ZW5 Laser Shifter with SmartCord

Laser Protection with SmartCord Included


The ESCORT ZW5 is the most advanced defense system against most laser guns—including new variable rate pulse guns. The ZW5 laser defuser requires a compatible radar detector and includes the SmartCord 12v power supply.

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Escort ZW5 Laser Shifter with Direct Wire

Laser Protection with Direct Wire Included


ZW5 is the most advanced defense system against targeting laser guns, including new variable pulse rate guns. The ZW5 laser defuser will not operate on its own. A compatible radar detector* is required to use ZW5.

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at the Speed of Light

Award winning. High performance. Connected.
Combining the ESCORT Redline 360c and one of our reliable laser shifters gives you the smartest and most accurate radar and laser detection system available. With instant location-based alerts and red light, speed cam, and live law enforcement notifications—you're always protected.

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Where Can I Enable Laser Shifting?

ESCORT products aim to protect you from the law, not break it. We design technology that gives you the confidence you need while driving. While radar jammers are prohibited by law in many provinces in Canada, laser shifters are currently not prohibited in the following provinces*; British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.** *Note This is the latest information we are aware of. Check your local laws before enabling shifting. **Saskatchewan does prohibit radar and laser shifter/jammer systems in commercial vehicles.