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The Most Advanced Custom Install Solution from Escort

The ESCORT Redline Ci 360c is our most advanced custom install solution providing game-changing performance and unmatched intelligence. Get Redline's legendary detection range, complete laser protection, and 100% stealth with customizable installation options that complement the look of your vehicle. Front and rear radar receivers and five all-new laser shifters that are 50% smaller are paired with industry-leading false alert filtering software for an incredibly quiet ride.

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Take your drive to the next level with next-level performance. Redline Ci 360c changes the game with the most advanced solution from the leaders in custom install radar detection and protection.

Escort redline Ci 360c red car outline


No other radar detection solution comes close to matching our false alert filtering intelligence that continuously improves over time, so you'll get the quietest ride and be able to focus on the alerts that matter most.

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Drive Smarter® App

Get shared radar and laser alerts from other detectors, update your software, and manage device settings all from the Drive Smarter® companion app, available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

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Triple 3-Year Protection

Your custom install solution is a long-term investment. Get the confidence you need with Escort's triple 3-Year Ticket Protection Guarantee, Defender Database subscription, and Product Warranty.

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Nationwide Authorized Resellers

Escort Authorized Resellers are trained and certified to professionally install your radar and laser solution the way you want. Find an authorized reseller from our nationwide reseller locator.

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ESCORT's lineup of custom install detection solutions provide the customized look you want. Choose the features that best suit your needs and complement your vehicle's design with discreet installation options. A custom install radar and laser solution offers multiple add-on features, allowing you to expand the system.
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Escort’s authorized resellers and installers can install your solution exactly the way you want.  Locate an authorized custom installer in your area with our reseller locator.

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Learn about ESCORT's technology partner offerings for OEM and additional custom and aftermarket integration options for your custom install detection solution.

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