ESCORT M1 Firmware Update

In order to update your ESCORT M1 Dash Camera:

Download FW96658A.bin here. 

Firmware version: 20190108 (This version of firmware fixes the issue where M1 does not turn on and a detector is turned on for some vehicles with a special situation.)

  1. Connect the dash cam to your computer using the included USB to micro USB cable.
  2. Power on the dash cam.
  3. The camera will be listed as ESCORT M1 in your computer.
  4. Download the update file above and save it somewhere you will remember it. It will be called FW96658A.bin. Note: You do not need to open this file.
  5. Copy/paste or drag the update file (FW96658A.bin) into the root directory. Note: the file name must be FW96658A.bin in order to update the firmware.
  6. Disconnect the dash cam from the computer. The dash cam will turn off.
  7. Reconnect the dash cam with the RJ-11 power cord. The dash cam will turn on and automatically update the firmware.
  8. You will hear several beeps and see the LED flashing red. Once the beeps and flashing stop, the firmware update is complete. The firmware update file will be deleted automatically.